EP 251: How to Get Out of Feeling bad and Negative

Everyone, Sheevaun Moran here, driving for your success. You know what? Negativity happens. Driving around you’re going to feel negative. Walking into somebody else’s home and feeling their energy, you could feel negative. Really doing life, you know you’re going to feel negative. You go and you sit and you do say a retreat and it’s a silent retreat. You’re going to feel negative because you’re so wired in that direction to find criticism and problem that solution based thinking happens when you’re on a big mission, a big purpose, a big vision. Really just driving forward. When you’ve had a job you’ve been under the tutelage of the manager driving you to accomplish results. Get results, get results, get results. Then you go out on your own and it’s like “Woo freedom!” You don’t want that same kind of systematized confine. However the truth of any opportunity for success, any success, anything that you’re going go take action on. Look at nature right? Is it’s habitual system of inflow and outflow, negative and positive, yin and yang. There’s always going got be one more percent of yin and loving energy and light then there will be of darks.


So what’s your negative stuff that you’re wallowing in? It happens to everyone. You’re going to break free. You’re going to break through in a moment. It happens to me before every event. It’s really about digging in to the tools that I have and using them to the maximum capacity so that I can show up and shine and really deliver the results in transformation for each of the folks who come in to our room and in the visitor room and in the livestream rooms.


What’s the negative stuff you’re wallowing in? Is it worry, fear, anxiety, stress, tension? Is it about money? Usually it’s about money. If it’s not about money it’s the about some bench mark that you’ve set inside your brain. Whether you know what that is or not. Sometimes you don’t even know what that is and you’re not meeting that bench mark. What is your negative stuff that you’re wallowing in? Call it out. Love it, love it, love it. Really because the negative is the first turn to the positive.


Now caution do not wallow in it for more than eleven minutes. You get eleven minutes to be in a negative poopy disgusting place and then cut the cord. Chop, chop, wiki, wiki, get out. Take some activity. Go out. Walk outside even if it’s grumpy outside. Few tips for the day. How to get out of your negativity and in to your zone. Your zone’s awaiting for you. Let’s do it. This is Sheevaun Moran. Subscribe below. Thank you for sharing this with your friends, your family, you loved ones and the people who need it most. And if you need to reach out to me go to author, author@sheevaunmuran.com. Or go to our website sheevaunmuran.com. Hey listen. Ciao have a beautiful positive day.




Use this technique to get out of feeling negative, worried, sad and back into your zone of genius.






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