EP 266: Succeed Through Intention and Clear Communication with Ease

Hey, Sheevaun Moran here. I’m driving for your success. I want to talk a little bit about courtesy and communication. We’ve gotten so accustomed to just texting a little heart sign, a thumbs-up, and all of these other shortcuts. The challenge with that is we don’t really truly communicate to the depth that we have the capability. We are energetic beings who have love and care and attention and opportunity in every single communication. We can either be short and just say, “Hey, where are you?” or “How are things?” and “Where are you at right now?” We’ve gotten so abbreviated that we really lost the heart of our communication.


In all of your communications over the next week, what I would invite you to do is really dig deeper, say something a little bit more, respond a little bit deeper, look up when you’re walking down the street and you’re texting somebody. Just look up and put the phone in your pocket, take a moment and really find out what’s around you. Life is too dang short not to really go deeper and find out what’s going on with the other person. What’s going on inside of yourself?


There’s a big movement for mindfulness, but if it doesn’t start with little tiny, tiny shifts in our communication, if we’re only mindful in certain circumstances, mindfulness is a complete failure. Really, that’s my invitation to you, is communicate more deeply, share something, communicate something, type something in. If you want more things like this that are from my heart and things that I see around me that frustrate me that I get to teach from, then subscribe below or go to my website, Sheevaunmoran.com. Until next time. Keep safe. I’m going to keep driving for your success.


Look up from your phone, pay attention to the details. Success is right in front of you. Communication is yours to use or lose. Sheevaun shares tips from Driving for Your Success about how to spread the word with truth and authenticity. 




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