EP 297: Never Slide Back in Success

Everyone Sheevaun Moran here driving for your success and today’s topic is contentism it’s a made-up word I get it but you know maybe you’ve made a big leap in your business or maybe you’ve made a big leap in the way you think you’ve made a big leap in a relationship or exiting a relationship you’ve made a big leap and you just want to sit back and be content. Maybe you had a big windfall with clients and then you want to sit back and you’re content with enough maybe you’re content with the way things have gotten and that’s okay that’s truly okay. However, if you have a business to be content is to really doing things in a way that is much more difficult that takes you longer and keeps you in a problem and having less clients than you potentially can and so contentism is being okay with putting your head in the sand around money. Being okay with putting your head in the sand around time being okay with not knowing how a business is going to grow, if you need a particular amount for your income then what you need to do is be discontent to get the result. And discontent does not mean anything other than you taking action to be content to get to that next step so contentism is when you’re not taking action toward what it is you said you want you’re content and you’re uncomfortable and you’re content is um yet you’re not willing to be a little uncomfortable to get to that next place so are you in contentism and are you playing a game in your head around being in contentism. So my encouragement to you today is look at where you’re doing this in your life because as We Know this is you do one thing how you do one thing is how you do everything if you are just being content with one thing it is going to permeate and settle everywhere I know that a lot of people are still dealing with Covid pounds and it’s because we got content with not moving we got put into a place where we couldn’t move and so we got content and so our bodies aren’t as healthy as we want them to be are you content that our finances are being dictated based upon what they’re saying in the News, That’s contentism. So rise above, that’s the message rise above your contentism and do something amazing to get the result that you want. My name is Sheevaun Moran go to sheevaunmoran.com and find some cool stuff there say hello, opt into some things. We have so much free content there it’s just amazing how many cool things that you can get and share care and live and breathe and exist from men we have really cool paid programs as well when you’re ready but let’s be a little discontent and rise up and make this time yours


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