EP 298: The Path of Prosperity

Good morning almost, New Year’s it’s a pretty amazing walk in the morning and some of the thoughts I have in my brain are as we choose our path even if it hasn’t been stepped on before it takes courage to really go up toward it and for it and really step out into the cold. Step Up into the unknown and really allow ourselves to take the opportunity to transcend and transform maybe even transmute the old stuff from 2022 into 2023 and maybe by now you’ve chosen a word. Maybe by now you’re thinking about what you should or would have could have done. Maybe by now you’ve backed down on something that you knew was in your highest and best interest and the matter is you get to choose every breath every moment every step how many steps will you take toward it and then you do a U-turn because you had uncertainty how many steps will you take toward it again and then do a u-turn maybe and then you turn back toward it and how many steps will you take to commit and recommit and recommit and recommit it takes a lot it takes a lot of Courage. It takes a lot to pretend or rise above or walk through or stand up to that fear it takes it takes more than most people give it credit to taking and the fact of the matter is you it’s your life it’s your soul it’s your journey and at the end what regrets will you have at the end have you done as much as you possibly could you wanted to at the end have you really decided that maybe you made a few mistakes. There are no mistakes but you know you could have done better you could have done more and at the end it’s just another day I mean if you think of each day as another year and when you talk in energy terms sometimes it feels like that especially when I teach classes or I do my epic life conference and you know are you being authentic to you are you doing as much as you want to do leave no wants unturned leave no wants and turned all right I think that’s enough for today I could just take you on my long walk and keep musing confusing and musing but for now. I’m gonna sign off let’s turn this around and see if we can and see how it goes Sheevaun Moran have an awesome day, awesome year and make it the best one you’ve ever made it!


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