EP 299: Curating the Treachery of Business

If you’re here for money you’ll make some for sure, however if you’re on purpose with a mission and you want to serve and help others,that’s when rubber meets the road. Notice the metaphors here y’all Driving For Your Success, anyway I am Driving For Your Success. I’m on a road trip and the treacherousness of a business is really about embarking on a new you every day and checking in, checking it out and moving ahead. Looking ahead also while you’re looking to your sides and as we have more vehicles that are self-driving it becomes really obvious how many things we have not needed to check. We don’t need to check anymore because of the cars doing what they’re here and they’re already programmed to do. Yeah a business is not the same there’s a lot of cool AI stuff out there it’s going to help your business tremendously, and it’s going to help you streamline. It’s going to help you stay on track so long as you check in and learn how to use it and just like a car you’re gonna have to learn how to use it. When you first started driving you had to learn how to drive. I grew up on the east coast and I had to learn how to drive in the snow because that’s when my birthday happens in the winter in the snow and I love driving in the snow because it tests everything about staying aligned. Staying the course and being able to handle any Rocky thing, and the last musing I have for this moment is fear, is an opportunity. You’ve heard this you know it’s not new, but fear is something that you get to play with or you get to be played by fear and it will play you for sure. Will you play with it and turn it into your greatest Ally your greatest opportunity so that’s the thought for the day. I hope you have an amazing day and you know if you feel inspired tell me what you want to hear from me on driving for your success, that is one of my beautiful clients who says, what you would like as your benevolent butt kick for the day. Anyway, my name is Sheevaun Moran go to sheevaunmoran.com and there are all kinds of cool things, shine and really stand up for yourself have an awesome day!


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