EP 300: Fork in the Road

Hey everyone Sheevaun Moran here Driving For Your Success and I’ve been thinking about this little niggling idea of a topic for you that is really prevalent when there’s a fork in the road. So when there’s a fork in the road it’s kind of like a whole lot of things are happening. Yet you’re moving toward and getting better at the things that you’re putting out into the world and you’re getting more confident. You’re making more sales, things are happening and that fork in the road happens. Always around money and relationships. Money and relationships and the fascinating thing about that are more uncertain and in fear about what you’re going to lose in either money or relationships the louder it gets. In order to usually step back almost always step back. The interesting piece about Prosperity is that you have an opportunity to step into the truth of the faith of the of the goal and the vision that you have in mind. And that truth and faith and goal and vision is possible yet every time you dip your toes, dip your foot, dip your mind, dip your emotions, into fear, worry, anxiety, tension, stress, lack, it’s not going to happen. And you slide back it’s kind of like putting little tiny pinholes in a balloon so much so that it’s a little bit and a little bit a little bit it weakens and weakens and weakens in that balloon of the idea that Vision that mission that wish stream desire is no longer going to happen because there’s no Oxygen left for it. There’s no truth and faith and dream and hope and and reality and there’s no energy for it and you have to start all over it gets you know, somewhat exhausting mentally not emotionally or physically but it gets mentally exhausting to keep going for it well what if you keep going for it Beyond and really start Imagining the new Imagining the other side Imagining the oxygenation of the idea to be fully and holy and completely yours here and now however that’s going to take consistent persistent mental jumping jacks to go over that hurdle again and again and again of negativity or worry. For your anxiety and tension stress so my suggestion is decide which fork in the road you’re going to go toward are you going toward fear you’re going toward faith and if you’re going toward Faith then you’re going to have to double down dribble down 10x down on that Faith because heck goes Mission Visions dreams desires require hmm tremendous amounts of Faith hey my name is Sheevan Moran and you can find me at sheevaunmoran.com


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