EP 301: The Secret Side of Gratitude

Everyone Sheevaun here Driving For Your Success. I think an awesome topic today is about being blessed… so a lot of people want to be blessed. They send blessings, but what is being blessed? Well if you find that you are struggling, that you’re stuck, that you’re in a funky place, then it’s really a good time to double, triple, quadruple down on the idea of how blessed we are. It’s not like first world, second world, the third world – it’s really taking note of the things that you have in your world your life, your circumstance in and of itself and look for the blessings there. Because listen, if you’re focusing on other people and blessing other people and yet you’re the one who needs blessing, then you’re not in the receiving part of the giving. And receiving if you only give give give you’re going to be depleted so this is great formula it is in giving that we receive, so give and receive and give and receive and look in your life for the blessings that are you, that are about you, that are in you, that are around you. Look for the tiniest blessings. I have a dear friend who was hospitalized by some rare disorder while he was traveling in another country and he focused on being blessed for the feeling and the ability to move one of his fingers. And this young man had been completely immobilized and he focused on being blessed in the idea that his one finger moved and then he focused on the next finger and he went through his entire body and it’s a couple years later but his blessing is that he’s walking and talking. When they said it was impossible so blessings are amazing energy if you focus on the things that you are blessed with and just so you know you are if you’ve forgotten you are a blessing it’s a blessing that you’re here so may your world be more filled with light and love and joy and abundance and may the striving for success reach far and wide for anybody who needs extra reminders to be blessed. my name’s Sheevaun Moran go to sheevaunmoran.com for more information and to find some cool things that are going to help you get blessed in your business your life, and your relationships! Have an awesome day!


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