EP 303: Authenticity Isn’t This

Everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success right now I’m kind of sitting and waiting for my car to refuel or re-energize. So I’m thinking about you and something that I came across the other day when I was at a business meeting. The fascinating thing about that was there was a topic for a moment about us being authentic yeah the person who was speaking about being authentic really didn’t feel sense seem as truly authentic as they were talking, as if they were a perfect example. There was a story about something that Magic Johnson had communicated about his journey to being a success after his career in basketball and I happened to be at that talk. I happened to be there listening and being inspired by Magic Johnson and his story and what it took for him to go into business and be taken seriously yet, this person who was talking about it just didn’t really even catch the gist of it he was more caught up in the cool fact that he was hanging out with Magic Johnson.  Authenticity is an overused word but at the end of the day, people can understand when something isn’t resonating, something isn’t in alignment and so I would encourage you to look at maybe what you’re posting is authentic to you. Is it true to your truest heart and your soul and your purpose and your mission? Is it reflective of what you want to help others do and Achieve? Is it reflective of somebody else achieving and receiving a result? Is it reflective of colors that work for you? Is your world and what you’re wearing and how you’re wearing it and what you’re putting on and what you’re saying out there in the world? Is it easy to read, is it easy to understand, is it easy to have the other person sense this on the other end at the end of the day? True authenticity comes from your heart speaking from your best place that you can help somebody get out of a problem into a new opportunity or solve something in order to have a solution. So Solutions and authenticity go hand in hand so where can you double down on what you’re doing to achieve a bigger better more wonderfully aligned result? Because your soul wants alignment your heart and your soul are trying to connect yet your intellect is trying to get your ego and all of that blah blah involved and the fact of the matter is you know it’s just stuff and the cool part about all of this is stuff gets to be filtered and achieved because of you and your authenticity I’m wondering if my screen while I’m doing this is.


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