EP 309: Say What You Need to Say

Sheevaun Moran here and I’m driving for your success. My very short topic for you today is Say What You Need to Say and learn how to say what you need to say in a better way. What does that mean? That means most people have a lot of things locked inside of themselves that they’re not putting out there and saying they have comments they have ideas and with all of the the cancel culture, oftentimes people are afraid to say what they need to say what’s in their heart to say. Listen we’ve been told in school to be quiet to shut up to sit down to not speak our mind, to not share. You want to say what you need to say today more than ever with chat gbt and all that we have the ability to actually define what we want to say with the help of a whole bunch of millions of other people who put this together so so maybe start saying what you need to say whether it’s in social media or in a comment or do some videos maybe they’re just for you because you need to say it, but there are things that need to be said that won’t get out into the world that maybe they’re for that one person that one Soul who needs to hear that piece of information. So give yourself a little bit more credit does it matter if you’re worthy or not this is the thing that you are given to say now Express that as soon as you start expressing it the magic starts happening in your world I guarantee it so try it my name Sheevaun Moran go to sheevaunmoran.com


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