EP 310: Marketing & Your Essence

Hey, Sheevaun Moran here and at my last Epic Life Success Summit I got into a deep long segment on inner marketing and branding. One of the reasons I did that is because we had this branding expert as a speaker on our stage and it’s always amazing when she comes the thing about your brand is it’s not just color, it’s not just what you like, you do have to kind of like it, it’s not just tone and texture and fog it’s not all of those things. Your brand has energy and your energy has to be clearly communicated in your brand so what does that mean? That means that if there’s a color in there that’s a little wonky that isn’t quite you but it’s getting results to leave it, that’s a lot of where how businesses actually mess up their business because they start changing things based upon what people like rather than what is going to get a response in the marketplace. The marketplace is not you, you are not the customer, you’ve created the product and you’re not the customer so is your brand Essence shining through the logos and the colors and so on and so forth, and have you done all of this stuff before you got this brand work done? Most people haven’t and I would encourage you to really clean up your energy, learn to clean up your own take cleaning up courses we have plenty of those in the videos and on our website and really get clear for you as to what people come to you for because listen they’re coming to you for your energy the brand is just an extension of your energy so let’s get those matching and if you don’t know what your brand is that’s okay you actually don’t even need a website in order to get going and have your clients paying you and have a multi-six figure business like several of my clients that I insisted did not get websites and presences out there. So the massive thing for you is clean up your inner chaos junk so that your brand can shine out there into the world and this also goes to emails etc colors Etc um and if you have any questions on this there are a couple other videos further down and a couple other audios come further down that are going to talk about how marketing and your essence play together my name is Sheevaun Moran, go to sheevaunmoran.com. And subscribe, like, share watch some other videos until next time see you soon.


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