EP 311: The Super Power of an Introverted Entrepreneur

Sheevaun Moran here and if you’ve watched any of my videos before you know that I’m not the most extroverted person on the planet and I was on a podcast today and the guy was so extroverted he was so all over the place and so in my face and I was just marveling at the fact that he was so extroverted and that what could happen was it was no big deal for him and I thought oh my gosh good thing this is only 20 minutes. So I want to invite the introverts (and extroverts you can go take hike for a second) um but I want to invite the introverts to understand something beautiful about what you do as an entrepreneur as a business owner is you have a superpower that you don’t know that you have because of your introversion you have a superpower of actually finding your purpose and staying on purpose dot dot dot so long as you deal with the Mind crap okay the chaos in the mind. That’s the easy part after you really tap into your purpose and your passion because as an introvert you can go further and deeper rather than Splash everything out in a lot of different ways so think about that invite your introvert into the conversation and see how it’s going to help you communicate a little bit better and have a little bit more fun out there and communicate maybe with those extroverts in a different way my name is Sheevaun Moran driving for Success check us out at sheevaunmoran.com And subscribe like share comment and watch a whole bunch more see you soon.


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