EP 312: Breaking Through the Old Routine

Hey everyone Sheevaun Moran here and I want to read you a quote, “it’s a hard thing to leave any deeply rooted routine in life even if you hate it” That’s John Steinbeck and what I hear from people who want to make a giant labor transformation again and again and again is they’re so accustomed to their routine that they just leave the new opportunities of the good routine out they forget. Heck everyone gets a skate, gets a blip, gets a new idea and forgets but if you really want the transformation you’re going to have to do something that institutes that routine. Not accountability, accountability means you Advocate to somebody else to hold you accountable. you’re a beautiful amazing Soul who wants to have more success or achieve more or deliver more serve more and that routine that you need to make new needs to start with a new idea and be held for quite a long time. So when I started out being vegetarian I held that as a truth because I knew that my health was more important. So I was incredibly motivated so what’s your motivator for the new routine is it to drink water because your body isn’t working better is it to make sales calls or emails or blog posts or videos or whatever that is because if you want more of something you’re going to have to do and add something new to your routine and break that old routine break that old routine. so to break that old routine you have to do that new again and again and again and here’s this other cool thing cut the cord to the old routine because the old routine got you to where you are and it no longer serves you my name is Sheevaun Moran go to siobhanbrand.com subscribe like share and leave a cool comment thanks so much.


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