EP 319: Get Out of Your Own Way

Everyone Sheevaun Moran here Driving for Your Success and today’s topic is about getting out of your own way when you get stuck in an idea that you don’t want to do something you don’t want to learn something you don’t want to know how you shouldn’t need to know it should be different is the place that you’re going to find is important to shift from so let me give you an example I have a client who I suggested that they get in touch with their team members in a town hall a weekly video something that was a little bit more intimate and as they were approaching the idea of selling their business they said well no that’s not what their uh m a group suggested they do but in fact as it turned out it’s the thing that was essential and needed in order to get everybody living to the potentiality of what they could in making tales and delivering results and so his resistance to taking that action that I don’t want to I shouldn’t have to I’m going to encourage you to think about well what are you saying in your life what are you repeating that you shouldn’t have to know that you don’t want to learn that it shouldn’t be this way change is the only thing that’s certain I’ve had a lot of change in my life I’ve had to have a lot of change in my ideas because of the change in my life and if you can look at change and opportunity with curiosity saying I wonder how I wonder I wonder I wonder what you will find is that that rigidity of an idea really breaks down into maybe this is going to give me value benefit opportunity Etc sure we can walk around in our life and try to stay stuck in the mud stay the same as we are but at the end of the day our bodies don’t stay the same so why would we want to stay the same the world around us doesn’t say the same why would we want to stay the same and we don’t mean to stay the same but boy change and consistent change particularly at today’s rate and Pace can seem like too much and the way to handle that too much is look at one thing that you really really want to embark on you know maybe it’s social media that you need to embark on to get your message out there maybe it’s copywriting maybe it’s videoing I can tell you that I didn’t like to do videos for a long time and now I you know I kind of like them I love being able to share with you an idea and potentially help maybe one or maybe more of you really make a shift in your world your life your day your Prosperity your business and so change is difficult I get it oh gosh I mean imagine somebody who’s been around for 80 100 years and they’ve had to embrace a lot of change the more you embrace the more you Embrace with curiosity the more you’ll get there sooner and change requires you to be a little bit more collaborative especially today I mean today’s business world is about collaborating how can you collaborate who can you collaborate with who do you want to collaborate with in order to achieve your objective because listen we all need each other we all need to help each other in order to get to be better and sharing our message we are not one of We Are One in a group and let’s support each other in beautiful ways and find a way through this to achieve more with less and embark on the opportunity of curiosity hey my name is Sheevaun Moran if you found this helpful you know what to do subscribe share like comment you know make some notes and until next time go to sheevaunmoran.com.


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