EP 320: The One Thing

Everyone Sheevaun here Driving for Your Success and today’s topic is about this secret power that you have inside of you and not many people use it very elite people use it but not many people who want to break through want to break free want to shift want to transform want to be the better version of themselves they don’t use this maybe you want to think about using this secret little power and it’s the power of one so the power of one is something that we don’t consider we consider the power of many and yes we need many to collaborate and connect and to grow and shift and to bring ourselves together in order to find our tribe in our community we need to have lots of lots of people in our lives as clients as as connections but this power of one is something that we forget about we forget about connecting with one the power of one is such that did you get lost in how much you have to do rather than focusing on the power of one are you so caught up in how much it takes in order to get things moving that you are not focusing on the power of taking one more step are you really stuck in so much chaos and so much spinning energy and you can find our videos from before about how we talk about energy and getting grounded those are earlier on in in the trainings and the offerings here but the power of one is where you’re able to get one more thing done accomplish one more thing do one more task take one more step it’s within you to do this yet we actually focus on how much there is to do rather than just taking one more step so your homework your task your one more thing is to write down one thing that is going to move the needle for you you know what it is you’re avoiding it in fact I was sitting with somebody at a at a connection meeting that we were having and there was a girl and her father sitting to the left of us and they overheard me talk about the fact that I’ve written 17 books and the interesting thing with that is he interrupted me and asked me about 17 books and then he said oh maybe you maybe you have some advice for my daughter and she was maybe 1920 and what we got into was how she was caught up in writing poetry and she wanted to be an actress but she wasn’t taking one step and the one step I gave her she rolled her eyes and then she got really excited about just taking that one next step so what’s that one thing that is going to make a difference for you that one next step all right so your secret power is the power of one let’s take action on that and circle back with me you know subscribe like share comment talk about the power of one that you chose to take action on my name is Sheevaun Moran you can go and find me at sheevaunmoran.com and take our assessment you know any of the other cool things to run that site sheevaunmoran.com see you over there here.


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