EP 321: Between Your Dreams and Success

Hey, Sheevaun Moran here Driving For Your Success and today’s topic is about Bridging the Gap. So you’re here yet you want to be way over here and there’s a cavern in between and that Cavern is big and scary and filled with danger and filled with the unknown. Bridging that gap for somebody who wants transformation and takes a step is often that they get really close and then they don’t want to take that next step and the next step and the next step and maybe that’s not you. Maybe you’re the kind who takes that next step and next step and Next Step. The people that tend to work with me are the people who want to take the step and the next step and the next step one of the stories recently is about somebody who took up one of my courses a long time ago and they did the work and listened to the course and did the work and here they are a few years later calling and saying I’m ready for my next step. Maybe that’s you, it doesn’t have to be as instant as all of these internet marketing things say um heck you can’t get muscles defined in your body instantly and so bridging that Gap to getting over here requires so many different language patterns so many different shifts in your perspective and visioning envisioning and maybe you’re not a good envisioner maybe you need help envisioning sometimes a lot of times according to a study from Harvard people actually don’t know how to Vision because they’re very literal or they need an exact step by step by step before they’re going to take a step while life doesn’t normally work like that as you can look back on your past and say oh I didn’t know and I didn’t know the exact steps I would need to take in order to get here so bridging that Gap is going to require you to be different to speak differently to perceive differently and to learn to vision and I don’t mean Vision like see the vision inside your head and manifest from there that really works that rarely rarely works and the people that do have it work it takes 20 years for it to work so bridging that Gap is really about saying and seeing and being and doing and having it’s an ing kind of thing ing meaning you get to get your being to be different and that’s about taking that next step with okay what area of discomfort are you going to walk through are you going to step into and really move to the other side because those areas of discomfort those places and spaces that are uncomfortable are often the most revealing opportunities for getting to our next step and then you have to take a step behind and taking that Step Beyond requires you to take another Step Beyond so you go and you work out and you get sore and then maybe you quit but then you go back a week or two later and you get sore and you quit and that’s not going to get you the result you’re going to have to work out and Pace it and learn to pace and learn the process and learn your body and learn the muscles and learn the Rhythm and learn what nutrients your system needs now this is the same as requires for a business or a side hustle or a next level of income this requires about learning doing learning doing learning doing being doing being doing being doing having learning being doing all of these things play together maybe you’re interested in another step go to siobhanmarine.com and check out some really cool things that are about taking that next step we’ve got the Epic life toolkit we’ve got all kinds of beautiful things on the site there for you to take another step into it’s your next step that is your next step to Freedom so give me a shout out share like comment let’s do something wonderful in your steps and maybe get 10 000 steps in today or get closer to ten thousand and then take more the next day it’s one increment at a time and sometimes that increment is a giant leap sometimes that increment is the giant leap.


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