EP 322: How to Use Possibility for Success

Hi Sheevaun here and this is part B of I’m again driving for your success on the gloomy Wednesday morning.


I’m driving by the beach and I’m going to a client house, who has made some amazing strides.  She’s bought her own house, and we’re going to deal with the energy at her home so she continues on the upward trend.  I want to teach today a little bit about the word possibility can be part of your opening.  As we look for those radical results and we’re looking for those miracles, then what we have is we have is hopeful thinking and good we want hopeful thinking. 


Are you faithfully thinking? or are you hopefully thinking?  The challenge that I have heard over many years is that thinking in a hopeful way is nice, but it’s not going to land.  


Somebody will say to me, so can you create that miracle?  Yes, the miracle can be created and so they ask if you have to believe in me and believe in what I teach and my technologies and techniques.  No absolutely not.  You don’t have to believe in them at all, you just have to believe that you have the desire and opening, a possibility to make a change.  When you have that hint of a desire for possibility, then it opens the door for the next possibility.  


You get what I’m talking about?  


Everything is possible, as long as, you let yourself be open to the possibility of something new and changing and miraculous in your life.  Miracles take a lot of energy, a lot of intentions, a lot of clarity, and they can happen radically.  If you are looking for a miracle every day, forget it, but they are happening around you every day so open yourself to the possibility.  Let’s talk more about possibilities and we’ll take you into the next phase.


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