EP 324: Stop the Self Help Window Shopping

Everyone Sheevaun Moran here and I am driving for your success today’s topic is an important one I see entrepreneurs, people who are looking to deal with the side hustle or get involved in having their own thing or even just improve their life and their job. Doing this one thing all the time this one thing is what I call transformational window shopping. Meaning you’ll try a thing and you’ll try another thing but you’ll try another thing and then you’ll try another thing and you haven’t really gone deep into having that be a solution. So I’ve seen so many people come into some of our smaller programs and get success radical success and then go off and say well that was good and I should do something different and this happens a lot because we have bright shiny syndrome. And then we have bright shiny syndrome we think that that one thing that worked can’t just keep working if we keep working that system and so my encouragement to you is to dig deep, dive deep go deeper in and on what it is that is working. That’s where the magic formula is whatever has been working before. Just because you’re bored with it doesn’t necessarily mean your customers your prospects or people who want to hear from you are bored. This is an important thing so dive deep and dig deep my name is Sheevaun Moran and finding some cool stuff at sheevaunmoran.com.


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