Ep 329: The Surprising Truth About Unconscious Decisions

Everyone Sheevaun Moran here Driving For Your Success in today’s topic is the surprising truth about unconscious decisions. Our unconscious does so many things to us. well really for us. It gives us a lot of Clues along the way and it gives us a lot of Heartache because we definitely live more from the unconscious than we do from choice groundedness anchoredness in our body and our surprising decisions in our unconscious are that we actually move away from things that are going to help us achieve our goals faster and sooner. That’s really tricky and interesting we move toward things that are about more feels and about being seen and the really interesting thing about our unconscious is it gives us little clues about decisions that we’re about to make yet our logical brain comes and steps in and says no no wait wait wait wait. I remember this one client who came to me years ago I met her after I’d done a speaking event and I met her at the back of the room she said oh my God I swear to God you were talking to only me in the room and I said maybe I was maybe that’s true and she said I think I need to work with you and I said great let’s have another conversation and see how that goes. I think we set up a conversation she didn’t show up and then I saw her while she was having breakfast in a lobby at some hotel in some other part of the country and she comes up to me timidly at breakfast and says do you remember me and I said oh yeah I remember you and how are you? I said what happened to you she said I am so sorry I let my so intellectual brain my science brain get in the way and made me make a choice that was to go a different direction when my truth and my inner self knew that sticking with you and working with you was really going to help move the needle and so would you consider having another conversation with me so maybe we can work together. I said yep okay maybe we’ll see I said it’s really important that you understand that I commit to my clients as much as they think they’re committing to me and it’s really about me helping you get and Achieve and have that success that you want and so she really stalked me for this second time and she said I spent eighty thousand dollars with two other people to not get what I knew I could get with you. So her unconscious knew yet her intellect talked her out of it and that happens a lot like these beautiful things that are that are niggling thoughts that are the positive unconscious help us and then there’s the negative unconscious that gets us away from our goal the negative unconscious is uh you know things that we’re doing that are sabotaging ourselves. I bet you’ve done a couple things to sabotage yourself I bet you’ve even said this is sabotaging This is something I do that sabotages myself and that is from the unconscious and yet we want to bring that from the unconscious to bring it up to the truth in the highest place that we have to the light out in front of us. Speak it say it write it live it breathe it out of your unconscious so that it does not stay in that prison, that prison is like a prison of thoughts and so it’s really surprising your conscious has the unconscious has the good and it has the less good and the good is very quiet it’s that really deep knowing and it’s a thing you often walk away from more often walk away from than not. So check in to your unconscious habits that you get tripped up by and let’s see what happens and show me and tell me and tell me what’s happening you can find more out about me at sheevaunmoran.com.


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