Ep 335: Get Unstuck

Everyone Sheevaun Moran here usually I start this out by talking about Driving For Your Success and what the topic is but I think that it’s important for you to embark on this little exploration of somewhere that I got to be and observe and participate and really see yourself in any of these scenarios. So let me just get clear on this, after many years we decided to do an expo, a health it’s a fair and Conference. It’s been a while since we’ve been out there doing that and this was a very different kind of conference it was more toward healthy food and healthy living and we usually attend things that are more business oriented and so this healthy food, healthy living is you know that’s how I’ve eaten I used to own a raw food company that we got successful and then it was getting too big and I had to really focus on my mission and so what we put together was we put together little many energy sessions for one of my companies, where we do Energy Mastery that’s the name of the company and what each session entailed was about 10 to 15 minutes of a very intensive process in order to help somebody get out of their own way and have a massive breakthrough in their health in their mind in their attitude in their beliefs in their next step. So it’s been a very long time since I’ve personally done these and uh I got the beautiful experience of being able to help 30 amazing Souls over two days very quickly and really help them break through but what I learned I think is important for you that maybe you’re going through is the general gist of each of these Souls who I got to speak with one-on-one and work with their energy in order to get them a health breakthrough a money breakthrough a relationship breakthrough and they were all oriented to those things Health money relationship or just stuck and the general gist of every single one of these people was that they were stuck they were stuck in what is next how to get to the next place and they wanted to feel better rather than just being in this stuck place and so when we’re stuck we create a cement-like energy and we get out of our alignment because we’ve lost our vision we’ve lost our mission we’ve gotten a little burned out we’ve over given and our energy is depleted and one of the things that I do when I work one-on-one with people is make sure that we Shore up that person’s energy whether it’s for business a body and and to get their health on track or for a team and it really is all the same when it comes from perspective energy and so over the course of these two days and speaking with each of these people every single one talked about other things other than money but all of them at the end of the day wanted more Prosperity abundance and money everybody it was shocking to me everybody had gone through a lot and was really sure that they’d missed something they were at blame for something and that they couldn’t step into their next step and the Really fascinating thing about each of these 30 people was that in this 10 to 15 minutes that I got with these folks and working and cleansing their energy Shoring up their energy situating the points and their energy so that they could be more in alignment was that this very short amount of time was the possibility to help somebody really get unstuck and so the fascinating thing that I was gratefully reminded of is we are all in a situation that maybe we know we need to be in a different situation physically mentally emotionally spiritually relationally financially we’re stuck somewhere we’re not taking action because that energy is like cement it’s in us it’s around us it’s holding us in a place of immobility and where when we’re immobile it’s really easy to actually get more and more and more and more immobile and the fascinating thing that each of these beautiful souls embarked on is they raised their hand of course we did help them a bit to raise their hand to say yes I would like a mini energy alignment session now the fascinating thing about that is every single one on the other side after those 15 minutes had a massive breakthrough and they broke through some said oh I know what next step I need to take I actually understand a little bit about what next thing I can focus on and having having the opportunity to work with people in such a small amount of time and get deeply personal and help them work through their immobility reminded me that we all have within us. My name is Siobhan Moran you can find out more about me at sheevaunmoran.com  s-h-e-e-v-a-u-n-m-o-r-a-n.com and if you’re so inspired to have such a breakthrough and a break free and experience go to EpicLifeSuccessSummit.com. I’d love to see you there and until then have a beautiful day talk soon.

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