Ep 336: Make Peace With This for Success

Hey everyone Sheevaun Moran here Driving For Your Success and this one thing that has nearly every startup small business owner leader of a business that is thriving uh leaders in business really have issue with and it astounds me how many people have issue with this because it is the backbone of every single business, every single company, every single Spurt of growth or  downturn and growth and what I have found over the many many many many many many entrepreneurs and leaders and small business owners who I’ve helped that maybe didn’t come to me for growing their business however that’s where we always end up and it’s about sales and marketing and most people have a very ugly relationship with sales and marketing most people actually don’t even like sales they think sales is something that is done to people that is taking advantage of people that is something that is horrific to even do and I remember this one particular entrepreneur and his assistant actually uh got him to work with me because their company was taking a nose dive and she couldn’t get him uh to move the needle on anything and when we really got in and started having conversations with him and his his frame of mind his beliefs uh about money about how products and sales worked and he was a brilliant inventor he is a brilliant inventor and uh it was this really cool invention that was a safety opening knife and apparently it’s in most places who have you know uh boxes that need to be open on a regular basis and it was pretty cool and somebody was trying to steal that idea from him and when we got into the business and his his psychology around the business we found out that he Lo literally load sales and he literally believed marketing was completely waste of time money and energy and the fact of the matter is this whole thing was really fascinating because he just hired this uh a year before marketing guy and a supposed sales guy and the really interesting thing is both of these people actually did the wrong thing in the wrong direction and it really hurt this my client sales and so once we got his issues with sales and how to deal with sales and selling and his beliefs around sales not that he had to do it but his beliefs around on them uh to turn around the lawsuits kind of miraculously started dropping away interestingly enough and we were able to help him uh identify the energy and the tone and the texture and the behaviors of the right marketing agency and then the right salesperson to come in and help him grow the company from it it was $1 million company and it was tanking to less than a million when I started helping them and now they’re about a 20 or $30 million business I don’t know where they’re at at this point but it really started skyrocketing and so their dysfunction around the idea the beliefs the energy the attitude around sales and around marketing were so problematic that it was hurting the business and maybe maybe you get what I’m talking about I mean one of the reasons I got into sales and marketing is because I’m kind of shy and I thought I needed to learn how to talk to people that is the truth of it I saw my dad talking to everybody and I didn’t I didn’t quite understand how that worked and so I actually got into sales to get over my issues around talking with people it’s kind of funny and I love marketing I love marketing because if something can be said in the right way you can actually help turn a whole idea around into something magical I’ll give you one more story about a client and she had a food company and I kept saying you’re saying the words in the wrong direction you’re saying something that isn’t really grasping the person who’s going to pull it off the shelf in order to say they want that product and sure enough once I got her attitude about social media around marketing around selling uh sorted out and really healed and transformed uh and helped her see how to use those words properly in her marketing and in her packaging she got into 400 doors stores uh throughout the United States and so sales and marketing is crucial to make amends with so if you don’t know what to do to make amends with sales and marketing let’s just start with forgiving sales and forgiving marketing and forgiving that you need to do it and let’s get started there and hey if you want some help in this and have a conversation on this I’m kind of good at it so reach out to me at sheevaunmoran.com and uh if you really want to level up massively then go to EpicLifeSuccessSummit.com I cannot wait to hear about your stories that are healed and transformed around sales and marketing it’s going to make a radical difference –  have a beautiful day and see you soon.

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