Ep 337: Shifts That Make Massive Results

Everyone Sheevaun Moran here Driving For Your Success and I think a lot about how somebody can get out of their own way get unstuck and really get things moving in the right direction and there are a couple of things that occur in people’s thinking and it’s kind of I can’t do that I couldn’t do that that’ll take too much time it’s too late it’s too much or on the other side of it I need to change everything in this one thing I I just need a whole overhaul and if I get the overhaul everything’s gonna be fine and the really interesting piece of that is well that could be true and that’s what you see in the hero’s journey meaning somebody having the ups and downs of of success and business and and growth incomes Etc is the overhaul isn’t real the overhaul takes a step and a step and a step so we’re looking for the big thing when we actually need to show up for the minor Miracles um we’re looking for the massive as soon as I take this pill everything is going to be fine as soon as I implement this in my business or in my thinking everything’s going to be fine and the truth is there’s this really interesting thing called the principal lag time and so you get an idea you implement it and it doesn’t happen right away and you often give up on it and the truth of of transformation is you get an idea it takes a bit to implement and maybe you need help implementing maybe you need to get over your own stuff in order to implement maybe maybe it’s so far out of your comfort zone that you have to work on agreeing to actually implement it and so the one idea could be this one nugget and I always teach this when I’m doing and hosting events and workshops is if you just take one thing away from what I’m sharing you might be shocked at how that one thing is the lever the small hinge that moves big doors and the small hinge that moves big doors is often the best of the ideas the opportunities the transformational products or programs or events and I attend I’m very very privileged to attend some high-end networking and Mastermind groups and I go in with the idea of how could I be of service how can I be of service to someone with something that I know and I don’t know what I need to share but I go in with the idea of service rather than how much am I gonna get because I know if I come from a heart of service from the the kindness of sharing something with somebody it will come back it always does there is a law a Divine law that says it isn’t giving that we received so it’s not give everything away for free it’s be of service and also be willing to receive that one nugget even if it’s just one nugget because it’s going to make a difference I’ve been told by people who listen to my YouTube channel and podcasts that they listen for their benevolent butt kick and may this be a benevolent butt kick and sometimes people want a more regular benevolent butt cape and that’s when I step in or that’s when they invite me in to help them achieve more with less and get there faster so if you find this inspiring you know subscribe share like comment and and you know what go to sheevaunmoran.com


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