Ep 347: Creating More Luck

Hi, everyone. Sheevaun Moran here Driving For Your Success. And today’s topic is Create Your Luck. And what do I mean by that? There’s a story that you may have heard about how there were two groups in, uh, in a college class, and one of the groups was given a newspaper, and the other group was given the same newspaper. But in the first group’s newspaper, they had put something in the very beginning that said, the group is lucky. And the second group didn’t get that phrase in the newspaper in the beginning. And their task was to find a particular set of words and phrases, uh, inside that newspaper. And the really interesting thing that happened is the persons, the group that got the message that they were lucky, found it much, much faster than the ones who did not. So, you know, whether you believe you’re lucky or not, um, put some words of luck in your space, around your space so that you get to maybe bring that forth to yourself again and again.

And there’s another story of a woman who created so much luck that she, every time she applied for stamps or coupons or to win something, she would win every time. And creating your luck is an inner game. It’s, it’s really believing that you do have luck on your side, because heck, we all know if you’re here, this isn’t the first time you’re seeing this kind of information, but if you’re here, you have to create the energy and the mind. And, and all of those things have to start working in your favor. And you have to be consistent. And the key thing about that is to be consistent is very challenging, because if something good comes to us, like say we get a parking space, we’re like, oh, yay, I’m good, that’s great, but we are not consistent enough to really apply that again and again.

So what lock are you going to create for yourself? Maybe it’s one more client, maybe it’s two more clients. Maybe it’s, you know, maybe it’s 10 more clients. Maybe it’s a thousand more clients, maybe getting your online presence going. The contraindication that you might have in your mind is, well, people are out to take things from me, and that’s not gonna create luck, because that’s gonna create friction. Meaning you’re gonna go toward it, but you’re gonna stay away from it. And then you’re gonna stay in the same place that you were. So you have to go toward one idea at a time. So for now, go toward the idea of being

Lucky. I am lucky. Hey, my name’s Shavonne Moran, and I know that I’m lucky that you’re here, that I get to share this, that I get to be in spaces and places that help me get a message out to you that maybe will inspire you to be that much better for yourself, your family, your loved ones, and your business. You can find me and more information out about me and what it is that I can help you 

S-H-E-E-V-A-U-N-M-O-R-A-N.com. Have a lucky day, hun.


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