Ep 349: Prospering When Spiritual

Hi everyone, Sheevaun Moran here, and I want to give you one of my famous made-up words Prosperituality. What? Yes, prosperity, eventuality, and spirituality. Prosperituality. So what I have found is oftentimes when people get awakened in their conscious life, they forget how money works. They forget how to play the energy is money game, because the way it was working before you had the awakening isn’t this way it’s going to work going forward. You actually have to learn a new way to prosperity. You need to blend the prosperity, the eventuality, and the spirituality so that it is more in alignment with who you are. So that’s one of the reasons I tend to talk a lot about prosperity because prosperity is not just money. It’s time. It’s money. It’s energy. It’s relationships. It’s harmony. It’s doing good. It’s receiving good. It’s learning how to sell, learning how to write so that the right things come toward you. Learning, learning how money actually works in a very new way, a very unique way when you have already awakened. Because it does work differently. You are not the same person as you were before you had the awakening. So you need to really get your prosperity on track, on par, and learn and gain the edge of how money magnetizes to you. I did a video a little while ago. I did an audio a little while ago about how to magnetize money to you. And then I did an audio called the billionaire mindset, awakening the billionaire mindset. Now, I have one particular client who has taken this audio of awakening the billionaire mindset and turned her life around radically. She listens to it every day. I won’t tell you the industry she’s in, but it’s a tough industry. And she was really kind of in a funk and a downward trend. And so we had her listen to this every day. She acquired so many clients that she’s actually the lead in her industry. She just finished a children’s book. She just finished, several other things, just so many cool things are happening because she addressed her spirituality. Prosperity, eventuality, and spirituality. And got those to line up so they became the truth of who she is. And her energy doesn’t waver. So think about what you need to do for your prosperity. You need some help. We have a ton of videos here. If need some more intimate help and you don’t want to go through our system. You can find me over at SheevaunMoran.com. But prosperity is your gateway to bringing your awakening to that next level of prospering in money, time, energy, food, abundance, relationships, good things coming to you and for you. So try that on for a while. See how that fits and let’s get aligned to our prosperity.

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