Ep 351: Beyond Ordinary: Uncover Hidden Magnetic Attraction Abilities

Everyone, Sheevaun Moran here, and I’m thinking about anybody who’s in business, whether you have your own, you’re working for somebody or you’re in the business of you. One of the ways we’ve been taught to create and to bring things about is to use our will, but our will requires the use of our adrenals in a very unhealthy way. Kids don’t use their adrenals. They move around and walk around and run around, and they’re using the energy from around them. And once you get to the age of say seven, you start actually learning how to use your adrenals in order to get something accomplished. And so no wonder we have an adrenal burnout with most people who are strivers and leaders and achievers. And, it creates this whole dysfunction of how our brain can receive and create and enjoy and even move our bodies.


And so think about your adrenals a bit, and they’re in the back. You know, if you were to hold the palms of your hands behind you and breathe and hold and exhale and breathe, what will happen is you will find that your shoulders start relaxing. You’ll find that it’s like your adrenals have a sense of safety like they’re being protected. And, that little move will help you sleep better. It will help you create better. It will help you manifest better. It will help you magnetize better. It will help you bring the right things into alignment more effortlessly and better. And so adrenal burnout is real, and it doesn’t need to be so difficult. Your will comes from here and no wonder we have so much, so much loss of brain matter. And as you bring breath in and then you hold for a second and let it circulate and you exhale through your nose and let it circulate out, what starts to happen is those adrenals start to calm down. And this applies to your body, it applies to your business, it applies to your relationships, it applies to conversations, it applies to money, it applies to health, it applies to brain functionality, it applies to creativity, it applies to spirituality, it applies to everything. And so, think about this and maybe use that little technique


Throughout the day, a couple times a day put a timer on, and I know that you can magnetize more things to you to achieve more with less. That’s what achieving More with Less is all about. So consider that, try that, experiment with that. This is your time. This is your time to turn things around for your body, your brain, your life, your business, and your prosperity. I teach about these things and share about these things over@shavanmoran.com. S-H-E-E-V-A-U-N-M-O-R-A-N.com. And really give yourself an opportunity to poke around over there. Listen to a little series called The Tree of Life Series, which talks about energy and your business and how to grow your business using energy. And then if you want more customized help, reach out to us at author author@sheevaunmoran.com. Hey, listen, I’m driving for your success and I cannot wait for you to comment like, and share, and do all those really cool things that you know are important to make sure you keep seeing things that are of value to you. You know, that algorithm, relies upon those things, interestingly enough. So anyway, have an awesome day, Namaste. See you soon.


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