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Hi, everyone. Sheevaun here and I’m driving for your success. And I heard something the other day that got me thinking about what is it that I can share with you that is going to take this idea, it’s a nugget of an idea and help expand it out so you can, uh, run with it out into your own world. And, and every time we say I’ll get to it tomorrow, we’re actually fulfilling a promise and continuing to say, I will get to it to tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, you’ve actually fulfilled your objective that you would get to it tomorrow. And then you keep saying, and I will get to it tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow. I will take you tomorrow. And I love this idea because basically you’re saying to yourself and your mind and who you are and how you are, okay, well, when tomorrow comes, I get to it tomorrow. And it becomes this perpetually spinning self-fulfilling prophecy of getting to it to tomorrow. And so when is your tomorrow? Today, that’s what I wanna know. When is your tomorrow, today, if you’re going to get to it tomorrow, if you can really say, I’m gonna get to it tomorrow on this date at this time, uh, you have a higher chance of getting to it tomorrow on this date, at this time, there’s this really wonderful thing that Steve Jobs is accused of, and it’s called time bending. And he would put, he would throw the gauntlet down for a, a deadline to be met and the team would meet it, and the team would meet it. One, because he didn’t allow them to think about getting to it, to tomorrow. You know, it was, here’s the timeline, here’s what we’re gonna do, here’s the event. And the fascinating thing with that is there is no tomorrow. If you think about the esoteric meaning of time and how to deal with time, there is no tomorrow that there is only today. That’s why that phrase of I will get to it tomorrow, becomes today and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, tomorrow. And it becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. So I hope that you’ll take this and put into action. I will get to it today. I will get to it this date. I will get to it here and now. You’ll be shocked, shocked at how much more easily and how much more centrifugal force is on your side in order to get to it today and actually fulfill and accomplish it. My name’s Sheevaun Moran. I’m driving for your success. And this is a little brief tidbit for you today. I hope you enjoyed it. Comment, share, like do the beautiful things and, uh, let’s get to it today. You can find me at Sheevaun, S-H-E-E-V-A-U-N-M-O-R-A N.com. I work with people one-on-one, I work with them in a mastermind. I work with them in a group setting, and I work with them just to get a breakthrough in unleashing their prosperity. So check it out. Hope to see you soon and get to it today. Full site http://bit.ly/cpENJY Twitter  twitter_1x_v2.png / sheevaun   Facebook http://bit.ly/2hCAlPT LinkedIn  linkedin_1x.png / sheevaunmoran   Blog site http://bit.ly/2fn67jh Subscribe to my channel!   yt_favicon.png / energeticsolutions  


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