Ep 359: Mythic Intuitive

Hey, everyone, Sheevaun here Driving For Your Success. And today’s topic is just a little bit of a story that I think is gonna be beneficial to you. And this story is something I was telling somebody earlier today about how I have these amazing, magical experiences in my life. And I was talking about how I traveled through India from a little tiny piece of paper, but that’s not how I meant to travel through India. I had a book, I had a plan, I had a driver assigned. I had, I had everything lined up and the driver didn’t show up. The book got lost, the map was gone. And all I had was this tiny piece of paper. And I had my assistant at the time with me who had just graduated college. She, I took her on this trip and it was magical because what I found out later from people who live in India is that everything that we did within the two week’s time of being in India, it’s nearly impossible to do all of that. And the driver that we had ended up having ham. And many of those who know me and know this story, you know, I’m gonna say it again, but Ham would say when he was asking for directions, ’cause we didn’t have a map, and he was going based upon asking the community for directions, pretty powerful way. And I did not speak any of the language in India, but I could understand energy. And one of the things about that trip is he would say, miss me, I have doubt. And I would say, Muhammad, no doubt. No doubt, no doubt. And the really interesting thing about magic and many of my life experiences is about getting the energy and the mentality and the opportunity and the desired goal and all of these things to line up so that they can be accomplished. And I do this again and again and again. This is a regular happenstance with me. And so maybe this is something that you wanna know how to do. Maybe this is something you wanna know how to learn. You know, that’s kind of what I’m known for. Whether it’s building a business or getting you to your next level, there’s really a lot of magic and how that process works tied to it. And I’d love to turn that faucet of magic on for you, if that’s something that inspires you. So I hope this little story is giving you an idea that, I know you’ve probably had your own magical experiences, but are they repeatable? And that’s the key. Are they repeatable? If they’re not repeatable, let’s teach you a way to get them to be repeatable. My name’s Sheevaun Moran. Go to S-H-E-E-V-A-U-N-M-O-R-A N.com. And you know, recommend like, share, subscribe. Thank you and cannot wait to help you create your own magic talk soon.


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