Ep 361: Mythic Intuitive Success

Hey everyone. Sheevaun Moran here Driving For Your Success. And the other day I was having a conversation with a client who reengaged after a time being away, and he was saying about, you know, sales being stagnant. And since he’s reengaged with the work that I do with him, the sales are up. You know, that’s how what I do. I help people grow their business and get out of their way. And one of the things that I thought was valuable for you is that he talked about guilt. Guilt is one of the most fascinating energies that is going to kind of imagine all the good, happy, beautiful energy happening, and then guilt comes in and just eats it all up. And so guilt and shame are pretty  destructive eating all of the good type of energies. And so you could be doing all the right things in the right direction.


However, you have guilt about, you know, some, something with a staff member, or you have guilt about how you’ve handled something at home. You have some guilt somewhere. It actually permeates your entire way of being. Guilt and shame are one of those things that actually keep you further from your objective. Keep you away from the truth in the opportunity. It actually keeps you shrinking and small. I ended up being able to visit with a client in person. And one of the things that we also dealt with, with them is the guilt. And they were very shrunken inside themselves. And so, you know, one of the things you wanted to do is, is open, open your heart, open your safe, and open your so plex. Be available to solving this guilt, because that guilt is actually keeping you further from your goal. Like, you get a, a ding or a, or a negative comment in a social post or, or something that is a negative thing, and then you quit.


The first thing you do is you quit. And that’s because you have some guilt. And that little negative thing that somebody has done and said, it taps into that guilt. And it just creates this whole thread of stuff of quitting. And that quitting is just pervasive. And so my encouragement to you today is look up, meaning with your eyes, look up, sit up, breathe more. Look at where the guilt is, you know what you’re feeling guilty about. Write it down. At least get it out of your head. Write it down. Start with that. And if you wanna solve that more, you can, you know, you can contact me. All the links are on the page somewhere.


But look at where you are. Guilting yourself in the small and big ways. ’cause Those things I’m telling you, those are boulders that you can actually do something about pretty quickly to sort through and get beyond. And if you’re here for the first time, I do these driving for your success once a week, and then you can see the reels. And we also host classes and, and programs and things@chevonmiranda.com, S-H-E-E-V-A-U-N-M-O-R-A N.com. And it’s a guilt free zone to be sure I’m one of those very neutral people. And, you know, subscribe, like, share, do all those really cool things to, you know, inspire yourself and stay on track. As one of my clients says, she says, it’s a benevolent butt kick watching and listening to this Driving for Success series. And just so you know, this Driving for Success series came about because somebody was sending me negative feedback, and so I turned that trash into treasure rather than getting guilty and feeling guilty and keeping and holding guilt. So let’s turn that around for you and turn whatever guilt is going on into something treasure oriented. All right, have a great day. Talk to you soon.





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