Ep 362: Fork in The Many Roads

Hey, everyone. Sheevaun here Driving For Your Success. And I am in a beautiful location with the water in the background and just came out of the ocean water, which is always healing, always beautiful, always restorative. So if you can get into the water on a regular basis, and today’s topic is about the fork in the road. And the fork in the road is something that maybe you have more than one fork in the road, but generally at any given time, you can only maintain two forks in the road. You’re going to say if this, then that, and then, and then another one is if this and then that. But you’re going to imagine that you’re juggling multiple forks in the road. And the truth is you can only juggle two opposing or even a complimentary ideas for the solution. So the fork in the road is what you get to choose to get to that next place. And most people tend to choose fear and worry and anxiety and stress and tension and that mentality truly they get into lack mentality. I can’t, I only have, you know, I’m cash strapped, I don’t have any money. You know, a lot. And that is one of the biggest forks in the road that people face. Maybe you face that. And business owners even who are very successful for face that fork in the road, should I keep it? Should I close it? Should I give it up? Should I sell it? What will happen if I do? What will happen if I don’t? And so that fork in the road causes a lot of chaos in the brain. And one of the things I’m known for is decluttering people’s forks in the road, the too many forks in the road opportunities, decisions, choices, et cetera. And cleaning those up so that the clarity of what is possible shows up. And how do I do this? Okay, I listen deeply. I look at the energy. I deal with each of these aspects of what somebody’s body, brain, life, business the story they’re telling about the situation that they’re in. And I don’t mean story like create, they created a story, but they’re telling me the story. They’re giving me the information for me, it’s data and helping them see the fork in the road that is ideal for them. And we clean that up. We go through a process that is energetic solutions, and we clean that up so that it becomes super obvious. And everybody’s using the word frequency. The frequency supports it, energy supports it, mind and soul support it, and the World around the person supports it. And so, what fork in the road are you at? And really, you know, if you need some help, reach out to solve the chaos, the clutter in your brain, in your ideas, and in what you have as an opportunity. ’cause Sometimes the work on the road is you have so many opportunities, you don’t know where to start. And so you want to consider how you process and deal with the forks in the road. And again, remember, there are only two forks in the road that you can have at any given time. My name’s Moran, you can find me@sivanmoran.com. S-H-E-E-V-A-U-N-M-O-R-A N.com. And I have a bunch of blogs about the fork of the road. And if you wanna reach out and have a conversation, great, there’s a way to do that on that site. The another cool thing for you that you know about, that you know is useful is subscribe, like, share, comment, do things that are supporting of you. As you give, you are entitled to receive. As you help somebody else. You will be helped in, you know, little subtle ways that you may not may not have thought or allowed before because you’ve given up yourself. So I can’t wait to see you till next time. And to healthier, happier, sane success choices. ✨ FREE GUIDEBOOKS FOR GROWTH & PROSPERITY✨ → Wanna learn how to GET your Epic Life and Prosper more Easily?! Get my FREE Viral Epic Life Toolkit: http://epiclifetoolkit.com Fastest path to prosperity: http://UnleashYourProsperity.com → So you’re sensitive to energy or have done a LOT of inner work and are ready to get your business and soul centered self aligned. Get my FREE 5 Essential Energies book: http://5essentialenergies.com OR get trained in energy at http://EnergyMastery.com ❤️FOLLOW ME/GET IN TOUCH❤️ Questions? Shoot me an email at author@sheevaunmoran.com Follow me on INSTAGRAM here:  instagram_1x.png / sheevaunmoran   Follow me on LinkedIn here: www.linkedin.com/in/sheevaunmoran Talk with me on X/Twitter  twitter_1x_v2.png / sheevaun   Follow me on the everlasting Facebook/Meta: facebook_1x.png / sheevaunmoran   FOLLOW MY TIKTOK Vibes: /sheevaunmoran ——WHERE I HOST MY SITE AND COURSES—— Get a free 15 day trial http://successbeyondreason.com —-Some of my books and audios—shop.sheevaunmoran.com —-The CHARITY I FOUNDED (in 2005) AND SUPPORT— http://createabrightlife.org


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