Ep 364: Will or Discipline

Everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success, and I was reminded of this very important word that everyone is going to need to use at some point in time. And it’s the word we actually like the least. We really do not like this word because it reminds us of being a child and being scolded. And the fascinating thing about this word is it’s one of the major needle movers that will help you grow and thrive and succeed. And so that magical word, well, there are many magical words. I do love energy and words and how they’re put together. But that word is discipline. And discipline is something that’s important if you were to consider it as an intention, not a negative intention, but an intention to be disciplined about your process, disciplined about one or two or three behaviors in your day that you’re going to do every week. So maybe you need to be disciplined not to eat sugar for a week. Okay, great. Try it for a week. Don’t try it forever. That’s gonna be a sure way to fail. The discipline of success is doing the same thing consistently again and again and again with, allows you to play into the abundance law of compensation and the abundance law of how things grow and expand as you have that compounding effect of discipline. And you can see this with people who, you know, make YouTube videos and, and do things in that realm in social media. That discipline is the thing that creates the opportunity for that next step to occur. Nobody really likes discipline. Everybody wants to be, you know, free flying and doing their thing. And the really fascinating thing is it’s that consistent aim with consistent effort is going to yield consistent results that occurs in your body, that occurs in your thinking. If you’re a co consistently thinking negative thoughts, you will consistently have negative results. If you are, and you’re going to have negative feelings and you’re going to have negative interactions, if you’re consistently, you know, working through negativity to find that positive opportunity, you do that consistently. You are going to have more positive opportunities and more positive results. I don’t mean to just be Pollyanna, don’t be just Pollyanna, because that means you’re not dealing with stuff. And I have enough stories of clients in the, in the previous episodes about that. But discipline of success is about doing things in the right direction. I call it your true north. Doing the right things in the right direction and being consistent with those and not backing down when it seems difficult and not backing down when the pain in your body from working out after three days straight is too much. I mean, gosh, I know this and my mind is definitely screaming at me to stop, but the discipline of knowing that there’s another side to it is the thing that I’m going towards. Anyway. My name’s Sivan Moran and I’m driving for your success. And you can see my little Tigger in the back. The, he just hangs out with me and drives with me and protects me all the time. And I hope you’re having an awesome day filled with love and joy and abundance and positive discipline. You can find me@sheevaunmoran.com, S-H-E-E-V-A-U-N-M-O-R-A N.com. And you can also find some cool stuff there if you want to have a conversation and have an ally to get you to your next level, reach out. Reach out to us at author@sheevaunmoran.com. Have an awesome day. ✨ FREE GUIDEBOOKS FOR GROWTH & PROSPERITY✨ → Wanna learn how to GET your Epic Life and Prosper more Easily?! Get my FREE Viral Epic Life Toolkit: http://epiclifetoolkit.com Fastest path to prosperity: http://UnleashYourProsperity.com → So you’re sensitive to energy or have done a LOT of inner work and are ready to get your business and soul centered self aligned. Get my FREE 5 Essential Energies book: http://5essentialenergies.com OR get trained in energy at http://EnergyMastery.com ❤️FOLLOW ME/GET IN TOUCH❤️ Questions? Shoot me an email at author@sheevaunmoran.com Follow me on INSTAGRAM here:  instagram_1x.png / sheevaunmoran   Follow me on LinkedIn here:www.linkedin.com/in/sheevaunmoran Talk with me on X/Twitter  twitter_1x_v2.png / sheevaun   Follow me on the everlasting Facebook/Meta: facebook_1x.png / sheevaunmoran   FOLLOW MY TIKTOK Vibes: /sheevaunmoran ——WHERE I HOST MY SITE AND COURSES—— Get a free 15 day trial http://successbeyondreason.com —-Some of my books and audios—shop.sheevaunmoran.com —-The CHARITY I FOUNDED (in 2005) AND SUPPORT— http://createabrightlife.org Sheevaun Moran is more than just a mentor; she’s a beacon of guidance and support for anyone at the start of their journey, passionate about seeing others succeed. With over 20 years of experience, she embodies care and empathy, dedicating her life to helping individuals discover and unleash their gifts into the world.


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