How To Deal With Feelings Of Burnout

Do you feel stressed about your job? Is this stress draining your motivation and preventing you from focusing on your work? If it seems like you have hit a wall and feel like collapsing, you might be suffering from symptoms of burnout.

Burnout affects nearly 80% of the American workforce. 

The signs of a burnout are easy to spot. You feel like you’re dragging through the mud. And despite putting in long hours at work, you end up accomplishing very little.

Feeling overwhelmed?

What Causes Burnout?

There are many reasons contributing to feelings of burnout. It could be conflicts with management, long hours, frustrations with the job, or simply long working hours.

These are just a few reasons why you might feel like you are on the edge of a physical, mental, or emotional collapse.

Although it feels similar to depression, people who are simply burned out at work can be identified by their enthusiasm in other areas of life. They tend to get excited about a soccer game or the latest episode of their favorite TV show. Depression makes all of life seem gray in comparison.

How To Fix Burnout

The most obvious solution is to take time off. Even a single day away from the office to get your mental capacities in order can benefit both you and your employer.

Another alternative is to restructure your work habits.

Start by visualizing your perfect work environment. And then take small steps towards realizing this dream. You might have to negotiate with your boss and team to reduce the pressure, hours, and control structure for your role.

Restore your spirits by socializing with friends, taking time to read a good book, or picking up a new hobby.

And finally, as simple as it may sound, make sure you are getting sufficient rest, physical exercise, and healthy nutrition.


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