EP 160: Soul Crush Purpose and Connection Solved

Everyone Sheevaun here Driving for Your Success and today’s topic is the soul, the soul in the personality and the personality get on board so that there’s fluidity and flow and success and ease and grace, and it hits a challenge. Man. It is a challenge. That soul is nudging you and it’s pushing you and saying, do this, and the person that I was like, nope, can’t afford it. Not happened and won’t do it too hard. I’m afraid I’m not clear. I’m uncertain. What if I fit? The personality man has been trained to worry. It’s been changed to fret and worry and anxiety and the soul is like, come on, let’s do this. You got this. You have all the tools you need. You have the people that you’ve asked for right in front of you so your soul is going to give you nudges and your personnel is going to do everything we can to keep us safe and small. 

That small safe space is counter-intuitive. It’s so counterproductive and it feels so hard on the heart. You know? It feels like you’re just in constant friction and there’s all this tension in your solar plexus and there’s all this tension in your body and it doesn’t know how to let things go, and the cells like you got this. The people are right there. The resources are right there. Everything is right there, and it’s your personality, his job to say, but, but, but, but that’s not true. So why would I encourage you to do? I encourage you to really look back at some of those nudges. You’ve got some of those nudges you’ve gotten that have given you movement head those great steps forward, and you said, oh yeah, I should have taken that action. And the fascinating thing is those nudges, those are actually designed to get you on an easier path. 

So subscribe below. Tell me what some of the nudges are that you’ve taken and maybe that you haven’t taken. You’ve got one inside of you right now that’s waiting, waiting for you to say yes to. What is it? I want to hear the. I’m driving for your success. It’s a very warm summer day and I’m so excited for your soul to hear this message so the personality can say yes, yes, yes to more yes to this yes is a yes. That is the ease. All right. If you want those six free videos I keep talking about, go to freekickstarter.com and if you’re watching this anywhere other than on my website, go to SheevaunMoran.com. Alright, safe driving. See you soon.

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