What to Do When Facing a Barrier in Life

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When life tries to block your path, what options do you have?

Life is challenging to navigate, and sometimes, you may be on a certain path only to have something put in your way, creating a barrier and blocking your route to success. When this happens, what should you do? How can we cope with facing barriers in life?

Is it In Your Control?

The first thing to think about is whether or not the thing that is blocking your path is within your control. If it is within your control, you can create a plan or a strategy for navigating it. If it is not within your control, then you must accept that there is nothing that you can do. Accepting this may be one of the hardest things that you ever do; however, remember that there is never only one path to happiness and that when one door closes, another one opens.

Overcoming Barriers

If the thing that is in your way is within your control, then you need to decide how much the thing that you have been working towards matters to you. Perform a quick pain-benefit analysis – if you try to overcome the barrier, what will you lose? Are you more focused on the pain than more focused on the desired outcome?

What will you win by keeping things this way? If you do not try to overcome the barrier, what will you miss out on? Can you live with that? Are you willing to yet do what it takes to turn this around?

Life isn’t always perfect, but most of the time, things work out. Are you facing a barrier in your life now? How will you cope with it?

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