Goal Setting Ideas for 2017 – Ring in the New Year

What goals do you have for 2017?
What goals do you have for 2017?

With the New Year right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about your goals and plans for 2017. Here are a few goal setting ideas that you can draw from to set your own resolutions:

1. Use Your Time More Efficiently

One goal to think about for 2017 is that of resolving to use your time more efficiently. By using your time more efficiently, you could spend fewer hours in the office, accomplish more within a smaller amount of time, and have more time to yourself to spend at home or with loved ones. Knowing how to manage time is one of the key elements of success.

2. Be Smart About Your Money

Another great goal for 2017 is learning how to be smart with your money. This means learning how to manage your debt, cut back on the things that you don’t really need, and create a sizable rainy day fund. Managing your money can be difficult to do on your own – consider using a money management app like Mint to help you along the way.

3. Take Better Care of Yourself

Many people set a weight loss goal for 2017. This year, don’t make weight loss your top priority; instead, focus on taking better care of yourself (if you need to lose weight, this will happen as a result of caring for yourself). This means paying attention to what you eat, exercising, and taking care of your mind and spirit.

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