The Greatest Misunderstanding of All Time – Surrender All Worldly Attachments

For many years I’ve had conversations with clients, students and our teacher trainees about this concept of surrendering worldly attachments. I think you’ll want to hear how this is a load of poopieville.

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Hear ye, hear ye..I now pronounce you available to hear a new version of this myth.

The language of the 10th-15th centuries were far from what we have today. They had a limited way to explain the unseen and the ideal of a more harmonious mindset.

What was said by many thought leaders at the time, because they bickered and argued and conversed about this point for years before coming to the conclusion that you must surrender all worldly attachments. Now what they really meant, when you read all the text before and after that statement, was about how the mind and emotions are going to control your existence. Your life is going to be chaotic if you let the mind rule your emotions and affairs (business).

Paraclesus stated that you need to eliminate the illusion of self to attain a calm mind and heart. And yes that is true and in our language set today in 2017 this would be said:

“Stop pretending you know everything. Be more loving and kind to yourself and others. Disconnect from negative thoughts faster than the day before. Give of yourself and your heart and mind will have peace and more ease. Stop making every single thing about you and find out what the other (person, client, prospect, love, friend, etc.) is really interested in achieving.”

So to be homeless or meditating on how much you do not have. Meditating on how much someone else has and that you cannot believe it is counter productive. Continuing to make others wrong for what they believe and who they interact with is only going to harm you in the long run.

Let’s move from the need to be right mindset and move into the world of “how can I provide value and still be insanely curious about giving something of value to my customer, prospect, the world?”

Until next time, try this little mind-shifting meditation that will align heart, mind and soul for your highest good and possibilities.

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