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Leadership Responsibilities: 6 Ways to Build a More Prosperous Life

leadership responsibilities - holding your team accountable

Being a leader comes with many leadership responsibilities. Being an effective leader comes with greater responsibilities. Prospering while leading is essential for the you, your business, team and the community. If you are giving your company and your employees your all, depleting your energy and not learning to restore it, and you’re still not seeing the kind of results you’re looking for, you may be directing your energy and your leadership responsibilities in the wrong direction. In this post, we will go over some simple ways to shift your energy to achieve the results you are looking for. 

6 Top Leadership Responsibilities

1 – Trust

To have an effective business, there needs to be trust. You must trust your employees as their leader, and they must trust you to lead them. It’s also essential that your employees trust one another. Without trust, you can never succeed or be an effective leader. Trust is, of course, something built, which is why it’s crucial that to build trust among your team, you focus on team-building exercises and opportunities to build trust early and often. Trust needs to be worked on, not something that you can wish and hope for and not tend to. Trust energy is the hardest won and the easiest to lose. 

2 – Communication

Another excellent leadership responsibility is communication. Most leaders assume that they communicate well and get disappointed when something isn’t carried out the “way they wanted”. But the first principle of communication is ACTUALLY the ENERGY before you communicate your wishes. 

Without good communication, you will leave your employees in the dark, often guessing what they should be doing instead of having clear guidelines. Most leaders communicate with chaos and will and fast thoughts that are not well-formed. This type of communication leads to errors that are easily preventable with reliable communication. Communication is one of the significant challenges when it comes to leadership. Good communication must flow in several directions:

  • How you set yourself up energetically to be heard
  • How you articulate your message.
  • How others hear your message.
  • How well you listen and hear what your team has to say.

If you send detailed memos, consider shortening those ideas into bite-sized chunks, and do what I call 15-minute daily hots type of phone calls with your team regularly but fail to listen to them and hear their feedback, you fail at communication. Effective communication is a two-way street, at least. 

3 – Be a Resource for Your Team

As a leader, it is your responsibility to lead by example. To do this, you must be available and transparent with your team. Ask your team where you can improve, what areas they need the most help with, and provide them the resources they need to succeed. You can’t win if your team is not equipped with the resources to win.

4 – Build an Efficient Team (without the chaos and drama)

Building a team that can get work done effectively yet with autonomy is one of the most critical leadership responsibilities. Your team must know that you have confidence in them to get the job done. If an employee struggles to grasp a concept or get a task done, instead of micromanaging them and doing it yourself, allow them to build self-efficiency by pairing them with another colleague to help them complete the job.  When a team is struggling they may be reacting to your energy and that’s where you need to learn to clean it up before interacting with the team. Your energy is what the team reacts to even if you have a smile on your face. (clutter no more)

5 – Hold Your Team Accountable (with energy)

You must hold every member of your team accountable to the same standards. When leaders display favoritism, and it appears that the standards are different for different employees, you foster a toxic environment. When everyone feels like they are held to the same excellence standards, the teams’ commitment to completing their job will become unwavering. If you have a standard of energetic excellence the team will rise to that occasion. If yours dips theirs might dip as well. Here’s a resource for you to keep that from happening – CLICK HERE

6 – Hold Routine Debriefing Sessions 

As a leader, you are responsible for making sure that your team is getting the job done effectively. By holding routine debriefings, you can catch small mistakes before they turn into significant errors, you can applaud your team for jobs well done, and you can discuss, as a team, areas for improvement. Ensure that the conversation in the debriefings is not a one-way street and that employees can offer their opinions and feedback. Remember that these debriefings are about you conveying your energy and upward momentum to them so they know the direction and that you’ve got the helm. Steve Jobs did this in his “walkabout meetings” and Apple is still around because of such energetic clarity and continuity, which becomes the inner mission and messaging in your group, team, company, or start-up. 

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