Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief  

Success cannot come when you are highly stressed.
Success cannot come when you are highly stressed.

We’ve talked a lot on these blog pages about how money is a reflection of success, and how success is not possible without the right tools. One tool that is instrumental in achieving success, both financially and personally, is sound mental health. However, with stress and too much to do often getting the best of us, mental health tends to suffer more than it should. When you feel yourself getting stressed, here are a few relaxation techniques that should be employed as soon as possible.

Deep Breathing…Not What You Think But Better

Deep breathing is one of the most soothing ways to relax yourself quickly and efficiently. You can practice deep breathing regardless of where you are, and can turn to it for instant relief in a stressful situation. When you breathe, focus on the feeling of your chest rising and falling, and try to keep your breaths as steady and as controlled as possible.

Strike a Pose…

If you have the space, strike a yoga pose if you need to get some stress off of your shoulders. Here are three easy yoga poses to do for instant relaxation.

There are a few other poses you can use to create opportunity and they will help you focus, even the most ADD folks use them and achieve focus and calm.

Take a Time Out

Leaving a situation when you’re stressed isn’t always appropriate. For example, you can’t always walk out of a meeting with your boss. However, taking a time out from a situation when it is appropriate can give you the space from the stressor that you need to put it in perspective and tackle it head-on.

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