How to Stop Avoiding the Things You Fear

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Do you let external pressures influence your decisions?

Avoiding things that you fear is very limiting.

Avoiding the things that you fear is a common reaction. Further, most of us fear many of the same things including rejection, being alone, failure, disapproval, criticism or conflict. But did you know that by avoiding the things you fear rather than confronting them you may be harming your energy and inhibiting your well-being?

Do You Have an Avoidant Personality? 

You may have an avoidant personality and this may be holding you back. This type of personality is characterized by a deliberate avoidance of things that cause anxiety and stress or that could have less-than-ideal consequences (like failure, rejection, etc.). Do you:

  • Not try new things because they are intimidating?
  • Avoid activities that could be socially awkward because you are afraid people won’t like you?
  • Never approach your boss with your ideas because you are afraid of rejection?
  • Belittle yourself so that you don’t “get your hopes up” or set “unrealistic expectations?”

If this sounds like you, you need to make a change today.

How Avoidance Is Harming Your Energy 

Avoidance does not do you any good. In fact, it is likely holding you back from building deep relationships, acknowledging your self-worth, exploring new opportunities and likely reaching success.

You can correct your avoidant tendencies. Start by writing down the things of which you are afraid and how you avoid those fears. Then, write down the worst case scenario of what could happen, as well as the best, if you were to confront that fear. Working with a professional counselor, success coach or mentor along the way may prove very helpful.

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