The Hidden Patterns of Success in Our Divine Design

Within each of us is success. It’s actually divinely designed as part of our DNA.

What occurs in life is that one little bump and then another and another and enough non-successes and lashings around ‘what isn’t or didn’t work’ and those patterns become more prominent than those of success.

The non-success patterns actually become part of our mindset, our habits, Patterson and then it affects our energetics. Once patterning of lack sit in the energy system and we suddenly get glimmers of what we’re supposed to do and how much we desire to earn, we then start pushing against those patterns and what occurs is taking action doing the wrong thing in the right direction.

What is never ever talked about, except in some few circles of woo woo folks, is the fact that energy is THE most important factor that businesses don’t know how to use, harness, or adjust to get the results they want.

That’s why when I work with clients and get their energy into alignment and then sort out the energy with the purpose, passion, and the “6 Pillars of Success System” they get an influx of successes that pile on each other.

Your brain has wiring in two ways: one that is innate and the other that is from school, society, family, and environment.

The divine part of us has to be awakened from its long slumber and allowed to thrive but it’s like a newborn in many cases. A new way needs alignment into working the all pillars at once for the greatest impact and success opportunity.

See you on the inside.

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