Big Dreams Require Big Energy: Channeling Both for Financial Success

Sheevaun Moran can help you find and channel your big energy.
Sheevaun Moran can help you find and channel your big energy.

If you have big dreams for personal and financial success, you’re unlikely to reach those dreams without some big energy to back you up. To help you find your energy and channel it in the right direction, a life coach and mentor can help.

Understanding Big Energy

Just as you can touch the surface of a table, big energy is something you can feel. While most people think of energy in terms of electricity and resources, energy can also be thought of in terms of how it looks, feels and how it impacts:

How Energy Impacts the Body

The body is filled with energy inside and out. This energy is like a force field that radiates from the skin. As it does so, those who can feel your energy—or are more sensitive to energy—will comment on it. For example, “you’re in my space,” is a statement to describe how energy is impacting the sensations around the body.

Healthy energy emanates about 18-24 inches from the skin on the body. This energy field allows the body to have more vibrant health and feel more “in the flow.” As such, this is part of the reason why BIG energy is so important; big energy yields better health, and indicates improved finances on the horizon.

Harness Your Big Energy

If you have chaos in your energy field, your big energy will be impaired. To help you harness your big energy and keep your energy field free or intrusions, you need a life coach. For financial mentoring, contact Sheevaun Moran today.

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Remember that energy is where the real you shines and success is more easily attainable…let it shine today!






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