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3 Simple Ways To Be A More Charismatic Person

People love being around charismatic individuals. What makes them special? The fact that they know just how to make others around them feel special.

Do you think you lack charisma? Here are three ways to practice being the kind of person others will appreciate and love being around:

Let your energy shine.

Avoid Telling People They Are Wrong

People are irrational and often struggle to identify and admit their own mistakes. Even when they know they are wrong.

Don’t be the person who takes it on as a personal responsibility to tell people they are wrong. You will only end up frustrating and embarrassing them in public. Instead, ask them intelligent questions to allow them to arrive at the correct conclusions by their own reasoning.

People like to be heard, valued, and respected. They will admire you for indirectly showing them their flaws but not before you have earned their respect.

Always Assume The Best

Every behavior started with a positive intention behind it.

When you start assuming the worst of people, they begin to act exactly as you expect them to.

Rather than being negative in your views, assume that people are good and see what difference it makes. Often, your assumptions are based on your limited worldview. Assuming the best exceeds your limited understanding and brings out the best in other people.

Give people around you benefit of the doubt and allow them to grow and fill your high expectations.

Your Presence Is Important

Be there for your friends whenever they need your presence. Offer your assistance whether with small tasks like driving them to the airport or helping them move out of their apartment.

If a friend needs a shoulder to cry on, remember that your presence is more important than any words you offer them.

Be there for others. They will also be there for you when you need them.


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