Problem-Solving Teams Focus On These Two Traits

If you have ever witnessed teams working through a series of challenges, you might notice a few common trends.

First, people with good ideas tend to be silent because they have been shunned before for offering out-of-the-box solutions.

Teams work best when they encourage their individual members to make mistakes and offer diverse solutions to problems.

Diversity In Teams Helps To Solve Problems Faster

Groups that solve problems faster tend to be diverse in their cognitive abilities. A high level of cognitive diversity results in a higher level of collaboration, identifying problems, being disciplined, breaking rules when required and using new approaches.

The blend of problem-solving skills and different approaches results in innovative collaborations.

In organizations where control and constraint are regularly practiced, there seems to be a lower level of cognitive diversity. As a result, progress stagnates and conflict and disagreements increase in the group.

Sharing Responsibility For Mistakes

The groups that perform well tend to treat mistakes with curiosity. There are no blame-games and pointing accusatory fingers. The whole team takes responsibility when things don´t work out as expected.

The environment created by such collective sharing of blame is one of safety. Such an environment reduces anxiety and defensive attitudes. And the consequence is an open forum to express thoughts and ideas without fear of retribution.

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