Comparison & Fear Of Change Results In Depression

Most people who live with depression battle it out alone.

Healing begins when you stop doing some things that become subconscious habits. Comparing your journey with others, seeing life through someone else´s lens, and not accepting the changes that life is leading you through are some of the obvious reasons why people start to lose hope.

When you being to lose hope in your future, depression settles in like a shroud that envelopes your world in darkness.

You are not alone

Stop Comparing Your Life With Others

Yes, it´s inspiring to read stories of how others are living successful lives. But when you are down,  reading articles that promise a quick fix to break your spell of depression are only going to make matters worse. Instead of getting you out of bed in the morning, these self-help gurus can make you feel utterly worthless.

Being popular and being happy are usually unrelated phenomenon. Just because someone has a huge following on social media does not automatically guarantee happiness. In fact, it is more likely that the person who has no social media presence is often the most carefree and truly enjoying the little details that make this life special.

Nobody is always at the top of their game. Don´t believe everything you see through a screen, the reality is often masked because it can make the viewer uncomfortable.

So, the first step is to understand that you are not alone. In fact, there are more people experiencing what you are going through right now than those who are ecstatically happy.

The only person you should compare yourself to is… you. Reach out to people for support and company instead of isolating yourself.

Embrace Change To Fight Depression

Depression manifests itself through a lack of hope. A lack of feeling. You start to feel like there is no way out, no hope of a bright and cheerful future. Consequently, you are plagued by discouraging thoughts of your own failures.

But it also points to THE THING that you are avoiding to face that YOU NEED to face.

Maybe you are stuck in the wrong profession or with the wrong person who makes your life miserable.

And here is the point when you realize that life is constantly changing. So are you.

Change is the only constant. What change are you avoiding in your life at the moment?


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